Genealogy of Vytautas O. Virkau

This directory contains an extensive collection of genealogical research compiled by Vytautas O. Virkau near the turn of the millenium. In includes twenty six documents examining the genealogy of nine families, extending back almost 500 years. It includes the following families: Armalis, Burnevičius (Burnevicius, Burniewicz), Gielgud, Jasinksis, Oertelis (von Oertel), Landsburg, Romer, Šemeta (Semeta, Szemioth), Sirjatavičius (Sirjatavicius, Syriatowicz). Includes memoirs for the 19th century von Oertel family, the parition of the Šemeta estate by Salomeja Šemetiene-Landsbergiene, and memoirs of Vanda Virkau-Sirjatavičiute (my grandmother). Assorted notes about various family Coat of Arms.

Family photos can be found here. Specifically, Róża Burniewicz is Vytauto Virkau's grandmother (my great-grandmother).