Report for 19 Dec 2007 - 22 Dec 2007

/novamente - Novamente work
testing Kim asked pat a question ...
review other parts of the relex code
Review some of the LinkableView code. This code tries to hide some of the details
of the feature graph, but with little effect, it seems to me ...
Brush up
brushing up last nights code

[head [name <<_%atTime>>
tense <>
links [_prepObj [name <<_$qVar>>
_prepSubj $0[name <>
noun_number <>]]
background [name <>
links [_subj-a $0]]]

LEFT-WALL when is the damn singularity ?

Number (singularity[5], singular)
Query (oh no mr bill!)
Tense (when[1], present)
Number (LEFT-WALL[0], singular)
Implosion-Adjective (damn[4], singularity[5])
Subject (is[2], singularity[5])
Tense (is[2], present)

Looks like _$qvar is missing a nameSource !! This needs to be fixed.
Done. Patch sent out.
Working with the raw tree is hard ...
probably will really need to work with the RelexAnontator, in the new Boris tree.

There is a hard crash in hypergraphdb when renning from the new repository.

[java] Exception in thread "main" org.hypergraphdb.HGException: org.hypergraphdb.HGException: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException
[java] at
[java] at org.hypergraphdb.HyperGraph.(
[java] at org.hypergraphdb.HGEnvironment.get(
[java] at org.disco.Disco.main(
[java] Caused by: org.hypergraphdb.HGException: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException
[java] at org.hypergraphdb.handle.PhantomHandle.storeRef(
[java] at org.hypergraphdb.cache.WeakRefAtomCache.atomRefresh(
[java] at org.hypergraphdb.HyperGraph$

So, to debug, download the read-only hypergraphdb code from
svn checkout hypergraphdb-read-only
with one little problem: There are 34 hard errors and more than 1800 build warnings when building
hypergraphdb from the public svn sources. Hard stop.

So punt on above, go back to sources located on osgiliath.
Here's what works so far, using teh raw relationship tree, and none
of the new uima/hypergraph stuff:

duudeski its:
1 = The
2 = big
3 = girl
4 = bit
5 = the
6 = little
7 = girl
8 = in
10 = New_York
11 = .
Number (New_York[10], singular)
Number (girl[3], singular)
Number (girl[7], singular)
Subject (bit[4], girl[3])
Object (bit[4], girl[7])
in (bit[4], New_York[10])
Tense (bit[4], past)
Number (LEFT-WALL[0], singular)
Implosion-Adjective (big[2], girl[3])
Implosion-Adjective (little[6], girl[7])
Number (The[1], singular)

LEFT-WALL The big girl bit the little girl in New_York .

The above is checked into the "open-relex/branches/linas-hacking" branch.
email review
help murilo with the new improved ssh+svn access, sounds like that will solve evrything.