Journal for novamente - Novamente work

Started: 12/18/2007 15:41  Last Active: 12/18/2007 22:42

Write code to crawl through the relex tree, and print out selected portions. Code is in svn, checked into the "linas-hacking" branch of the open-relex tree. It doesn't do much, yet.

design discussions by mail
Started: 12/18/2007 8:52  Last Active: 12/18/2007 11:39

Email with Borislav, chat with muriloq

switch to Boris' svn server.

Fix another 20+ compiler warning in the vettalabs svn, mostly related to untype iterator usage.

There is an error in the graphic for Mike Ross' Open_Relex.odt that I can't fix. The very first graphic has NEXT and PREV reversed (arrows pointing in wrong direction). Its reversed in the sense that it doesn't match the ascii tree display of the same structure.

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