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hack on link parser JNI interface
Started: 12/16/2007 13:37  Last Active: 12/16/2007 22:27

Set up the JNI interface into the link parser patch set. Cleaning up the unholy mess that is the jni interface.

  • fix filenames, broken indentatoin, whitespace issues.
  • fix memory leaks
  • start work on exporting the link parser constituent tree through JNI to the java code.
After study, the best JNI interface is probably to pass the constituent tree string (lisp-style nesting) to the java code, and let the java code parse the string. Anything else would be too complicated; there's no natural way (that I know of) to pass a tree or to pointer-chase across JNI.
will get this string, and it is stored in
, although that code is currently turned off. (nothing is currently done with this string).

read relex code
Started: 12/15/2007 16:39  Last Active: 12/16/2007 13:37

Goal of reading relex code is to find a natural interface for grabbing the sentance structures. Parsing the ASCII output of relex, to do additional transformations, seems not very efficient.
 class ParsedSentence (thought very simple) was created from UML. Do we have the original UML anywhere?
Fiddle with eclipse some more.

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